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By on December 6, 2009

New evidence on suspects will be announced soon…. 2016

Scott Davis is the only person who was pursued as a suspect by the prosecutors or police even though there was clear evidence that David Coffin used drugs, had a large cache of guns and was involved in a dispute with business partners. Scott Davis was attacked in his home two times on the same night the Coffin home was burned, but no effort was made to find the person or persons responsible for the attacks.

Cocaine Dealers

During Mr. Coffin’s autopsy, blood was taken and analyzed. The results of those tests showed that Mr. Coffin had a blood alcohol content of .22 at the time of his death, almost three times the legal driving limit. The tests also revealed that Mr. Coffin had metabolites of cocaine in his system. Mr. Coffin’s brother-in-law stated in a pre-trial interview that he had seen Mr. Coffin use cocaine.

In one of her interviews, Megan Bruton revealed that one of Coffin’s business partners accused him of illegal drug use and that “everyone was well aware that David was involved in drugs”. Megan even received a call from someone who told her the same thing. Megan also mentioned that Coffin had business in Costa Rica but was blocking the caller-id on his phone to hide his number. Why? The DA even told her Coffin’s cousin was in jail for drug trafficking.

Investigators did nothing to investigate Mr. Coffin’s drug use or his possible drug sources. Prosecutors suppressed this information at trial because that information would have been damaging to Mr. Coffin’s reputation.

Mr. Coffin kept a large cache of guns including an AK-47 at his house. Why did he feel he needed so much protection? Linda Moran, one of Coffin’s girlfriends, disclosed in a pre-trial interview that Mr. Coffin told her his home had recently been burglarized. No information about that burglary was brought up during Mr. Davis’s trial.

Police told Megan that “there have been a lot of burglaries in the (W. Conway Road) area” , yet police provided no records and did no investigation.

Do you have any information about these events?

  • Do you have any information about David Coffin’s drug use? Do you know where he bought cocaine?
  • Did you ever hear that David Coffin feared for his safety?
  • Linda Moran also stated that she believed she knew who killed Coffin but was turned away by police at the scene of Coffin’s fire. Police didn’t even ask her name, they said they already had the killer. This was the day after the crime.
  • Moran said that a mechanic that Coffin had problems with recently had disappeared and might have been a suspect in Coffin’s killing. Police were uninterested. Moran also saw people at the crime scene removing evidence including Coffin’s AK assault rifle and file cabinets. Police did not secure the scene.
  • Moran also stated that Coffin had told her that he was not going to see Megan anymore which could quite possibly enraged Megan. Moran was also having an ongoing physical relationship at this same time.
  • Read Linda Moran entire conversation and see how police and prosecutors completely failed to pursue other suspects

Attacks on Scott

The night of December 10, 1996, Scott was attacked twice at his home on Battleview Drive in Buckhead. Around 7p.m., Scott Davis was attacked and threatened when he pulled into his carport. Later that night, around 11 p.m., Scott’s house was set on fire. When Scott came out to investigate, the attacker fired a gun at Scott as he fled through Scott’s backyard.

Police investigators did not try to identify Scott’s attackers. They did not dust for fingerprints, search for the bullet projectile or thoroughly canvass the surrounding neighborhoods to find clues. They did not take the names of suspects questioned in the area. They did not attempt to collect a torn piece of clothing that was found on Scott’s backyard fence by a uniformed officer. Where is that piece of clothing? What officer found it? Investigators also overlooked shredded tree limbs caused by gunfire as the attacker fled and did not collect the evidence of the materials used to start the fire at his rear door.

Finding the person(s) who attacked Scott could be crucial to solving the case, but the prosecutors have made it virtually impossible to do so because they failed to investigate the evidence.

Here is where you could help:

  • Did you see any suspicious people in the area of Scott’s house in Buckhead that night or earlier during the week of December 10, 1996?
  • Scott’s neighbors on Battleview Drive had lawn equipment and tools stolen in the days and weeks before the attacks on Scott. Did you lose property too?
  • Did you notice any suspicious people in the Battleview neighborhood during this time?
  • Do you know the officer who found the torn piece of clothing?
  • Are you that officer?


It has been a long time, but if you have any information about this case, no matter how small it may be, it could still help solve this case:

  • Did you know anything about David Coffin’s drug use? Did you see him use cocaine? Did he tell you where he bought it?
  • Do you know why David Coffin feared for his safety?
  • Do you know the names of any of Mr. Coffin’s business partners? Have you heard that he had problems with his partners?
  • Scott Davis’ home on Battleview Drive is located off Bohler Road near the intersection of Peachtree Battle Road. Did you notice any strange cars parked in that area on December 10, 1996? Were any cars towed from the area that night or the following day?
  • Have you heard anyone talk about these crimes or do you know anyone who has shown more than a passing interest in the case?
  • Have you heard anyone brag about these crimes?
  • If you were involved in any of thes crimes, no matter how much, please contact us. We will not hold you personally liable if you come forward and tell the truth to help us free an innocent Scott Davis.