Link to Fox News Story: Billboard Claims Atlanta Man’s Innocence

Posted by Administrator on April 20, 2010

Reported By: Justin Gray | Edited By: Leigha Baugham

ATLANTA (MyFOX ATLANTA) – A man convicted in a high-profile cold case murder is fighting that conviction in a high-profile way. In 2006, Scott Davis was convicted of killing Buckhead businessman David Coffin 10 years earlier. On Monday, a billboard was unveiled proclaiming Davis’ innocence.

Back in 2006, Davis was convicted of Coffin’s 1996 murder.

Both Coffin and Davis come from wealthy prominent families and prosecutors said the motive in the murder was jealousy.

Davis’ estranged wife was dating Coffin.

Pieces of evidence went missing before the case made it to trial.

“He believes he’s innocent and there’s been so much lost evidence,” said Davis’ attorney, Marcia Shein.

Four years into a lifetime prison sentence, Davis’ family is offering a $350,000 reward in the case.

“The billboard is visible by a lot of people and we hope it will attract the attention of retired police officers or firefighters. Anyone that might have touched this evidence and knows where it might be,” said Shein.

District Attorney Paul Howard declined to talk about the billboard or the reward.

Davis’ attorney said they’ll be back in a courtroom soon and they plan to file another appeal this summer.

The billboard is designed to grab attention and Davis’ attorney acknowledged it could be painful for Coffin’s family.

“I’m sure it upsets them, I’m sure the whole ordeal upsets them, but if you have the wrong guy it doesn’t matter. You still have to have justice,” said Shein.

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