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Most Recent 2254 Appeal Filed

Click HERE to read the entire PDF document.  Final summary is below.
The weight of the evidence of bad faith and misconduct
cannot continue to be blindly excused. The petitioner did not
have a fair trial. Continuing to ignore the facts and evidence
from the habeas and the exhibits submitted, make excuses for bad
faith proof, support obstruction of justice [...]

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  • 1.11.15
  • Administrator

Prosecutorial Misconduct: Two tapes made during police interview

When Scott was interviewed by police, two tape recordings were made.  One that was turned over to the defense. This one was stopped and started during the interview.  Another covered the entire interview.  This tape was never turned over to the defense and its whereabouts are unknown.  Listen here for yourself.   LISTEN
This is a [...]

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  • 1.11.15
  • Administrator

Fighting for Freedom: Davis Supporters File US Civil Rights Criminal Complaint Against Former Atlanta Police Detectives and GBI Firearm Examiner

Davis Supporters Contend Georgia Courts and Law Enforcement Find Permissible Law Enforcement’s Criminal Tampering and Destruction of Evidence, Intimidation of Witnesses and Perjury
ATLANTA, January, 2014 –Scott Davis supporters this week filed a criminal civil rights complaint against former Atlanta Police Detectives Rick Chambers and Marchel Walker along with former disgraced GBI Firearm Examiner Bernadette Davy. [...]

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  • 1.19.14
  • Administrator

Appeal filed in U.S. District Court

Scott Davis files appeal in U.S. District Court.  Click on the link to read the appeal.

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  • 8.25.13
  • Administrator

GBI Firearms Examiner in Scott Davis Murder Case Fired for Faking Evidence

GBI Finds 13% of Examiner’s Test Results are Incorrect putting Hundreds of Cases in Jeopardy – Davis Reward raised to $500,000 for Missing Evidence or Other Helpful Information

For Immediate Release:
Scott Davis, wrongly convicted of murder in 2006, has been fighting for five years to prove his innocence. New evidence presented in court in late [...]

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  • 9.15.12
  • Abrotinni

Lost Evidence?

The officials in Atlanta lost 99% of the evidence relating to this case. Have you or anyone you know experienced lost evidence in Atlanta? Please let us know if you have any information regarding lost evidence as it pertains to any case!
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